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10 May 2010

Long lost ocean through Florence.

I loved my momma like she has loved me for these past few 16 years. Swam in the ocean after maybe a year or so. (will never not swim anymore after so long)
Two nights apres, I watched one of the movies on my list (here is a post by Grand Theft Thrift about the movie ) and I adored it.
Lady Dee, Angs, and Ruby Gatita rendez-vous(ed) to my home on Saturday, as previously planned. We definitely enjoyed ourselves with the help of our amazing connection and wvum of course!

I am now so ready for my painting class next year plus my lovely fully french speaking class!
Taking it all in very well and cannot wait for my new artsy and french friends!

I lost some pictures from my last trip but thankfully I found them!!
Florence, Italy...I miss you.

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