15 April 2014

primavera mi dà speranza

I'm sorry for going away, sorry to myself really.
I've had a lot going on these last couple of months which I really hope
to share on here very soon. 
Primavera, Spring where I currently reside is heavenly.
It's chilly out + there are sun rays that I (and the flowers) have actually been enjoying!
I've been obsessing over the lilacs that droop
from the trees and I'm constantly petting (yes, petting) the hydrangea leaves that have bloomed with anticipation for the full hydrangeas to bloom!

Wishing you all a beautiful Spring and Easter, xx

p.s. go check out the wanderlust section for my trip to Venezuela !

02 March 2014

Memoria +

               A lot has changed within a short amount of time.
                                      Many melodies have been with me along the way:
So here is my Memoria set, enjoy.

Oh and happy March!

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x fifi

15 January 2014

scans + doodles

Some creations from back in December:
- Hansy's birthday present process.

- B/W scan of pressed hydrangea | Mishima, Japan.  

x fif

11 January 2014

Caracas | part 3 |

The rest of my time in Venezuela felt like it was in a dream-state.
I knew that I will always look back on it and remember how happy I felt to be there.

Writing this now, in my bed back in the States makes me go mad trying to
understand how I had the strength to leave him ?

I tell myself that it's ok, for now it's just some time away from each other that will hopefully
make us stronger.

Gracias por todo Adel !    t.q.m
* * *

More wanderlust post coming very soon dearies!
Packing the next suitcase as I type... xx fif

03 January 2014

Caracas | part 2 |

It was obvious nothing from this would be easy. 
Every memory we would have to evidently keep because of the 
simple fact that everything was exactly how it should always be.
I treasure every single time I've gotten to find myself face to face 
with Adelchi. From the airport to his house I didn't know whether to stare 
at him the entire time or stare at the amazing and foreign city of Caracas!

I met his wonderful and outmost welcoming family 
who opened their door to me for the following days. 

Lots of time was spent playing video games and really just hanging out. 
When we weren't home, Adelchi was my very own personal tour guide ;-)

- An afternoon spent at Parque del Este which of course included a stop at the Humboldt Planetarium with it's beautiful 20 meter dome and a Zeiss projector!
- Welcomed a New Year with a panoramic view of the city filled with fireworks, and with a Pandoro filled belly of course!
- Centro Sambil was where Adel and I spent some time at a bookstore and simply walking around in circles through this maze-like mall.

I also spent lots of quality time with their cute cats ♡ Tizòn & Mimma ♡ 

x fi

27 December 2013

Caracas | part 1 |

My ragazzo & I lived in the same city for a year.
Since the day he parted we both day dream about the
next time we'll get to be together again.

After surprisingly no painful parent convincing  
we had a set date and flight, 27th of December I would be 
on my way back to South America for the second time this year -- however
for a very different reason. 

I was extremely anxious in the most wonderful way to greet a new year and meet a new family.
I felt all brave and what-not since, well I was on my way to one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world* !

All else aside, an exciting thought to be back in my boys arms.

(I unfortunately lost my photos from the first day)
But more photos from this magical place soon!

x fif