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11 October 2014

Autumn's Child


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nina sawinska
nina sawinska

Ciao! I honestly haven't had the impulse to sit and write down my thoughts.

It hasn't been an easy couple of months but I don't feel how I felt when I was in the States (which is good).

I've been trying to get inspiration for some drawings and between today and yesterday...I realized
it's been in front of me this entire time. 
Hopefully I can share some work soon.

In the midst of learning Italian, preparing portfolio's, processing my residency, and more--

I think I can say that living through the transition from Summer to Fall was my first time ever witnessing a real
change in season. 

The street outside my house is covered, entirely, in leaves of various colors.

I get so happy when a leaf falls! It's such an amazing and magical experience.

Swaying trees
and many many bike rides, I'm such a grateful and happy soul.

Autumn's Child by Devendra Banhart on Grooveshark

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