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07 May 2010

French dogs, chandeliers, and cereal

Bonsoir, I am pleased to say that I have ordered my next pair of "oxfords".
Merci maman and Urban Outfitters! The May catalog, by the way, is simply beautiful!

My room is almost complete. I've finally purchased
my Gustav print and well I just cannot stop gawking at it!

I feel it's necessary for me to say how happy I am for my deary
friend of mine: Ruby Gatta. She got accepted into a High school/ College Program.
I only wish her the best of luck of course.

Tomorrow is a new day and the whole crew will be visiting moi.
I will put pictures up of this wonderful day tomorrow!

For now, I leave you all with a kiss and a dream. (and a PS)

PS: I wanna travel far far far away from here.
(If you will like to join me, say where to in a "love letter" below)

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