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13 May 2010

You Got Me Where You Want

I'm suppose to be setting the table! My leotard should have been
on my body, my tights should have hugged my legs, and I should be
getting some projects done. However, there are way to many things dans ma tête! (in my head)
Like: Finals, Ballet recital, Art drawing for requests, summer, summer,
été(summer in french), my urban shoes, getting healthy, working out, online class, being CPR certified,
and well....a heap load more!!

This picture (below) represents my sister and I this summer....YES! I am going to NEW YORK!
She will be taking me to art museums and even lovely "vintage" stores!

I've been dreaming of going to New York since I was a baybae!

Merci for reading, I must catch up to Hans in Health class
in order to take our CPR class together!!

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