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30 April 2010

Left me bitter

My last two days have gone by so nicely.
I received my shoes yesterday by the way! (see picture below)
And I will be ordering some more very soon.
(last pair, promise)

I have some nice Friday things prepared for you guys like this lovely
recipe that my Chemistry teacher gave us
Maple Syrup for your Pancakes/Waffles
1 cup of water
2 cups of sugar
(brown sugar gives it a lovely flavor)
some bananas
and vanilla

I know that this recipe had no instructions and I apologize for that. My teacher only gave us the ingredients and well I just thought that I could attempt different things with it.
So do what you want with this information. (maybe even delete it from your mind)

Here is a nice song to brighten you Friday up even more: nice tune pour vous

And to top it all off, here are some pictures/video that you may
want to save, tumblr, or just gawk at!

Ps: I wish my amorous Ruby the best of luck with her hair chopping and "Person Change Stage"
Love you Kitty!

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