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28 April 2010

Crisp Air

F�ilte, I'm currently sporting a lovely bun and my tap shoes that I untapped.
(I am thinking of wearing this everywhere in the future! oxfords + buns = ?)
And not only this but my Steve Madden oxfords should be by my bed when I arrive home tomorrow!
Days are getting brighter and brighter!
My room is changing by the minute, I feel good about donating my clothes to the school, and
please take a look at the picture below!

This picture could NOT be anymore magnifique!
Abbey Lee AND Andi's floral pants!
Wow! The next time I see those pants (that my lovely friend Andreina owns)..I am SO stealing them!

Be sure to check out my lookbook.nu very soon for last nights outfit!

ADIEU! xxx

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