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22 February 2010

You've heard what it means when a woman cuts her hair?

Lately, I have been indulging in some Coco avant Chanel and Virgin Suicides.
Along with drying roses and quick shots of magical carousels.My Monday was more than I would have ever wanted it to be.I swear that after getting important things done, the things that were once big are now small.In other words...life for me is pretty swell.The wedding was perfect as well; I got to go the a hotel the night before called The Palms!I love the idea of going to a hotel once a month.The wedding highlights were: Rose petals everywhere, tall rocks, giant cameras, and fonded cookies and cakes!

Aside from my weekend, I am glad that I got to fix everything with my crazy friend that I love: Meagan. Also I have been only thinking about my schools art club T-shirt which I MUST GET DONE!!!!
Well, off I go to the wonderful land of my room.
Au revoir reader(s).

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