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19 February 2010

I'm all in a ball.

I have had such a hell of a week, so bad that I've missed school for the first time.
I also lost a friend that was very dear to me. I know, its all so tragic.
However, last night at around 11pm everything began to take a turn for greatness!
Sex and the City was what kept me up till 2 am, along with art club t-shirt plans.
In school I colored, learned some slang words in french, & made some nice chemical reactions in chemistry. Then I got a FREE ride home by my lovely math friend Monica. And to top it all off: got told that I could easily by an Urban Outfitters model! (Even though I felt terribly ugly today) So hey, I can't complain!
My weekend is looking bright and I am willing to do anything to keep it like that!
Art will most likely be involved. Along with carnivals, weddings, cake, and photos! I wish you all (especially Ruby) a magical and unexpected weekend!

Kisses on both cheeks,

check out this lovely creation by: http://seamarjourie.blogspot.com/

The sweet life of Hans La Suave from Ruby Gatta on Vimeo.

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