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04 July 2009

Lets hide!

My last day in The netherlands
was so nice, sadly i couldnt get pictures.
It was like a sweet dream...gardens, flowers,
boats, paddle boats, kitty's, and handmade art.

Tell me that doesnt sound beautiful...
The day of my return I had to pay 40 euros for over weight.
:) thats how many stuff I brought! It was very sad to go
but i was happy at the same time.
...It was nice to be all alone in Phili. for 5 hours
besides the fact that i wanted to buy the emma watson
Teen vogue issue but i only had euros in my wallet :(

Seeing Miami from the sky at night was what sucked me back
home, it was so amazing!

I feel a little lost, some might not understand me....I'm not to
sure of where I stand but I'm very sure that this trip will
always stay with me because it was so perfect and unexpected!

Now i have got to:
-finish getting my permit
-read my summer reading books
-read many many magazine
-make a lot of art
-find a way to be happy
-be on the look out for a boy...

wish me luck & love.

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