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20 July 2009

If all else fails

The past 20 day, which is all the time that i have been
back from my trip, the most striking moments were the following:
the 4th, Mt. Limb, and yesterday.
Besides these days i just listed...the rest were all so faulty!
Consisting of battles and outrage.
I am proud of myself though for taking action and ordering Nineteen Minutes from Amazon and getting as far as i am now!

The good out of the coming:
-RUBY comes home in 8 days
-My ma is back from san fans (with my Marc J. bag!!)
-I got taller, hehe
-I have fallen more in love with the artists of the world!

Anthony Zinonos for example, genius.

Ruby's homecoming is going to be glorious because we got the rest of the summer ahead of us planned out. Her buddy Ands is also headed home and we are all ready to share our splendid adventures with each other over tea and sweets from Belgium and some nice treats from a city named mishima. Time for me to depart, but if you want more of me feel free to visit my:

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