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29 June 2009

i just want to hold the daylight

Hello readers,
I'm in a rush estate.
To summarize it....I've been to
three countries in Europe this summer.
Italy, The Netherlands, & Belgium--Bruges (the most
well-preserved medieval city in the whole of Belgium)
Today is my last day here in The Netherlands.
Im off to pack for my 12 hour flight!

Talk to all you soon!

-The best life experice ever, but im starting to get homesick.


  1. Hi! I don't know how I arrived here, but I liked your blog!:) Hope you don't mind I continue reading you? :) Where are you from? I see France there on the top but maybe you're American, aren't you?

    Some days ago I was in Rome too... but I've never been in The Netherlands or Belgium, wanna go there though:)

    Greetz from Madrid!

  2. No problem, please do!!
    Im from Ecuador but yes, America is correct haha.

    Wow i would have loved to been able to visit
    Rome. The Netherlands is actually nice but different place compared to Italy.
    Belgium, BRUGES....is so beautiful! i loved it.It is similar to italy but
    different in its special way.

    Thank you and keep reading!:)


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