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18 December 2013

N A D A - Art Basel Miami Beach - Part I

December always brings great fun. As you may know, South Florida hasn't always been my cup of tea -- I've grown to love it as the home it's been to me, buuut I'll leave that for another post. This does, however, change when Art Basel rolls around! This year I celebrated my 6th year of Art B and I couldn't be more happy about it (!!!). 

I changed it up a bit this year and attended the NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) galleries, where the focus is on contemporary art. I was fortunate enough to attend with the father of one of the artists whose work had already sold by the time I got there (fortunately enough the gallery does keep the work on display even after they've sold, just slightly more hidden). 

Although I did keep to myself as least awkwardly as possible knowing that I was somewhat of an unwanted foreigner, I let go of that idea and became a sponge.

Listening and absorbing everything I learned from buyers and gallery owners; a pretty great way to start my Basel experience if you ask me!

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