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19 December 2013

Convention Center - Art Basel Miami Beach - Part II

     Once I step into the Convention Center, my mind goes into a state of solitude (the best one at that). The way the Center is structured is what has made me come back year after year, I think. Walking around in circles and turning into something unexpected is exciting (although, sometimes frustrating since you might of missed a thing or two).

Francesca Pasquali - White straws, 2012
White Italian Monochrome / Tornabuoni Art Paris
One of my main goals is to obviously find some of my personal favorite works.

It's definitely fun to think that you
might bump into celebrities or even the artists themselves
but my eye contact seems to always be focused on...well, the art.

Don't get me wrong, even the attendee's are part of the show & that's what
makes Art Basel such a vibrant event.

Fausto Melotti - Virgulto, 1901-1986
Barbara Mathes Gallery New York

Wolfgang Tillmans
It was my first time spending almost the entire day at the Convention Center.
From opening till I couldn't feel my feet any longer...
I even went out to eat and came back (!!)

Alexander Calder, Huit Rondelles Rouges, 1971
Fausto Melotti - La danza, 1972
Barbara Mathes Gallery New York
Piet Mondrian, Composition II, with Red, 1926

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Black and Light, 1976
Tracey Emin, The Last Great Adventure is you, 2013

Retna, He's A Criminal No Different From Me. 
One Could Argue I could Be Painted With The Same Brush, 2013
(this one's for you hans)

Ran into this wonderful crystal doorstop once I left the Center.

Chose to go comfy this year (sans heels, unlike last year)

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