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24 January 2013

My mind and its fields.

                 I thought I would share the fun filled day that yesterday consisted of.
Since on the 22nd I was a bit complicated to go out and celebrate my birthday, my beau et moi planned to take the 23rd to celebrate.

And well, if you recall this post and its adventures that was our goal for this day.
Which technically included: no plan.

Ideas developed and the day was a total success. I was happy to get to spend the day together and happy to greet a new year into my life.

We spent the day snacking on gummy worms and racing each other on go-karts till we both felt shaky!
I finally came across a cape and bought it at only $5.30!!! (it's a sweater cape!)
We munched on some sushi and noodles, and ended the day with a scary movie which was actually nice.
He covered my eyes and walked me through the mall till we ended up in Lush...haha he let me see and shyly said: "I know you like this place and know you've been wanting to come" (you know all that but in spanish). It was so sweet.

Once I got home I cried with excitement from seeing that my KANKEN had arrived! Merci papa and you beautiful Swedish people!

It's been a long and crazy year as an 18 year older and I won't forget it since so much has happened throughout it.

Thanks to all the special people who have been part of my life till now and hello to all the new faces I will be meeting this year!


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