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18 December 2012

shifting tense


I think, right now in my life, a new year is defiantly needed.
A clean  new sheet to sketch me ideas out.....

hmm...here you go, a personal post darlings:

About 5 days ago, I was called from my current job and told to take and enjoy my day off.
Therefore I took to chance to drive halfway and take a 30 minute bus ride to the beach where my boy resides & surprise him.

He ended up surprising me by asking me if I trusted him & telling me to follow him in our deco bikes. He took me through places I hadn't seen before all throughout the beach. Living here for more than 11 years and I had never been to this wonderful part of town!

I felt like such a turist but in a wonderful sense of escaping my life for a day. So much that when we arrived at one of my first 'surprises' a man said, "You came to the best place ever". I was speechless. Once we reached the end of our trip we headed over to the empty white sanded beach and cloud watched basically.

Ended the night watching a random Hanukkah parade along the beach and with my head on my dears shoulder on a bus ride back home..

blehh....I'm a happy kitten don't hate moi.

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