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18 September 2012

Plus tard

Update for the sake of looking back and not remembering my life:
                                 This past week I've
   Gotten myself behind a new car (White Jetta VW!)
   Witnessed a natural birth (Welcome baby Luca)
   Welcomed Autumn appropriately (see below)
    Found myself a new bed: my downstairs couch.
    And have been hunting down job opportunities.

Apart from all this mess, I have once again regained my sanity and reminded myself of the great decision of not going straight into school after getting out of school.

It's always nice to keep in mind that we are all different and no matter what it is you are doing,
it is really important to simply remain happy.

I also want to personally thank my dear Ruby for being so wonderful and supportive with this post!

And if you aren't already you should be following her as well!

credits yo
Top image: Oyster mag
Left image: fifisiamese (instagram)

merci, xx

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