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27 May 2010


(wish I could have a good camera so that I wouldn't have blurry pictures on my blog)
Aujourd'hui I swayed around school with a plum colored sweater tied to my neck in order to cause a "cape" effect, along with my cream booties, and un chapeau sure ma tete! (hat on my head).
I also straightened my hair PIN STRAIGHT (inspiration) for a nice extra spark to my look!
Since no one else wanted to be with me this afternoon right after school, I got all dressed up for ballet and watched "Le Professionnel" (and old time pefere de mama film).

I will be making a blog video soon...so be on the look out for that! Also keep a close EYE on my tumblr, for I enjoy him very much especially with the new theme I found!

Till then my friends!!!

(I love Florentine)

(she makes my Thursdays lovely)

(she is sucha tiger faceee!)

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