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30 May 2010

En coup

It's late here...I should be (i should always be elsewhere but here..?)
sleeping deeply.
However I HAD to get thing done with; and so I did!!
Tomorrow shall also be productive.

My Thursday/Friday/Saturday were all very great.
I have developed a new group of friends that enjoy themselves
to the fullest! They are so comfortable with each other and its just
very lovely to be a part of that.

I want to be in New York already because by then, midterms
are history, ballet recital will bring me joy and tears, i will get to
see my big sis Carla, Hanna (ruby), and a few others for the last
time till July, my classes for college would already be chosen...etc.

I must say this however: This year went by very quick and I am
happy for the great things that are coming!!

PS- i shook a magic 8 ball today with the question: Will I get
married and end up living somewhere in Europe? and a triangle
with blue goo around it managed to reveal the answer of:
"my sources say YES"
That just brightens everything up quite nicely!

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