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23 April 2010

fast beating heart (Desole)

I hope you forgive me. My life was changed along the process of my departure
and all it took was a handful of my favored group of friends, a perfect outfit, and the best vocal cords alive.

Of Montreal, my favorite "band", was a concert that I will never allow to escape my mind. Andreina, Angeles, Ruby, and moi were at the front row and believe me, it was so surreal. Chandeliers, flying feathers, and the art of Of Montreal.

And i must say...my friend ruby did write a great post on this magical night and I encourage you to check it out: ici

These past days, in my head, I've been thing about:
*How I now have a better outlook on things
* this lovely dress that I want

*and my oxfords!!

Au revoir, I must now bike to Ruby's house and enjoy my beautiful Sunday!

here are some Of montreal pictures!!!

oh and some Abbey for you!!!

Australian Vogue from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo.

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