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18 March 2010

Bunny Hop

"had a nice breakfast together, and then take a walk in the park together, how beautiful it’d be. " - SOKO

These days have been filled with lovely mama breakfasts every single morning!
Breakfast being my out most favorite meal of the day, I take every morning for granted when I hear all the lovely noises from downstairs.

AP Art makes me so happy because that means I'll be swimming in an ar(c)t(ic) ocean next year. Little Ruby here, lent me her equestrian shoezies for tomorrow.
I'm pretty excited to sport them with my school spirit for tomorrows Pep Rally!

...which I'm also a sucker for. (sadly spending it alone this year)

I'm sinking into this PIT of joyfulness....and sadness.

But besides all my worries and happiness, here is a little something just to convince little Ms. Ruby to take Guitar classes next year.

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