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09 January 2010

sweet lovely life

Here I am typing away on a iMac from the Fountain bleau in Miami.
But before that, I should mention that Thursday was magnifique.
Rode my bike, my mama rode my bike, was amazingly cold, got my Urban Outfitters Catalogue, got my $10 NYLON subscription, AND my fifi lapin Tshirt.
I know...all perfect.

But life gets better, this lovely friend of mine has invited me to spend my weekend with her at this hotel! But you have no idea how wild this is, i have never seen anything like it!
Chandeliers, twinkling lights under the pool, even my right amount of stray kittens by the beach dock.
We got her in a limo, partied like animals on a trampoline, and arrived to a great room full of "french looking everything"! Balloons, french macaroons, brownies, and more!!
We went to an Italian Restaurant, Lincon Rd, and the movies to see Sherlock Holmes (which J'adore)
I'll try to keep in touch but for now.... Au revoir!!

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