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05 January 2010

Dried flower pedals

I spent my day a l'ecole, depuis je suis allé to my orthodontist appointment.
Which was a "jaw-dropping" kind of thang.
Later I also got to ditch volunteering (even though J'adore what I do)
for the mall with mama.
Now I am back and everything is so sweet...tomorrow I will ride mon voiture
around town (whom I think I am going to name: Charlotte, not sure yet.)

Also planning on going to bed early today....we will see if that happens.
And finally, I'm happy that I'm not alone at all with my language plans.
Ivanna and I are OH SO FRENCH! ;)

PS- I would love if you left me a love letter with bike name ideas?
PPS- hot coco: You & I, Tomorrow. Be there.
PPPS- Oh fifi, I may be nicknamed after you but I wish I was as classy and sassy as you!

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