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22 May 2014

turning time

Fang Tong, Floating, 2013
I spent this past weekend near the ocean.
There were strong winds and I felt happy.

Jenn Smith
I stayed hydrated with some watermelon
slices and my hair was kept in plaits.

I also nibbled on key lime pie and green peppers (separately of course)!

I've been avoiding the rays (as per usual) and

many have lately been telling me that I look "super summer-y"

which is obviously cause of the heat.

Today I moved into my friend Hanna's house...
however she currently doesn't live here.

I'll be house/dog sitting
for a month, haha. It's a bit funny
but I'm enjoying a house to myself cause I
can just do my own things

at my own time without pressure or judging eyes.

I plan on

making this a place

for inspiration and creation.


Keep an eye on the month of February -- I'll be updating throughout the weekend.   /////
I've been listening to Mountkimbie 
minimalism appreciation by yours truly
instagram: fifisiamese

stay cool.

> Captioned photos with link to the rightful owners,
only own last photo.

> Hanna's blog HERE

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