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30 January 2014

Gennaio kisses

The last couple of days of January were a bit hazy. The days were rainy and cold (which if you know me, I love).
I was *trying* to live in almost 3 different time zones.

I was simply enjoying everything about this.

For the rest of January I was living in 'Padova'
(a pretty perf lil town 20 minutes away from Venice) with my small family in their
dreamy apartment in the center of the city.

I was pretty grateful to have them since I had to wait till the beginning of February to move into my place.

Most of my time was spent baking, walking around the city (getting lost), and eating/drinking:

  • Fritelle | A typical Venetian treat made only during Carnival season
  • Pan di Stelle Biscotti | The best cookies ever (with stars)
  • Kinder mini bars (!)
  • Cioccolato caldo | it was like chocolate soup...for the soul, lol.

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