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08 February 2014

lab rat in a pink bathtub

It's been a week since I moved into my apartment (!!)
My entire room is made out of wood and I have tall pine trees outside my window.

We have a bathtub in a pastel blue and off-white little bathroom that I am in love with.

The first night I moved here I forgot to bring thick blankets from my
aunts house and slept wrapped up into a taco freezing cold ha ha.

It's all so different, I'm learning the language & culture while adapting to new routines and humans. I feel like a little lab rat :-( ...but a very happy one at that! :-)*

    Being the introverted fool that I am, I found it very difficult to even go to my own kitchen at times. I talked to Hanna (who's back in L.A.) and we shared the same feelings towards being new in a place where others have their own things going on.
It's pretty terrible at first, but once you get over being a big fat chicken and actually step out into the hall...it all gets better with time.

The other day I attempted to make my very own pomodoro (tomato) sauce for my gnocchi's out of fresh pomodoro + a shallot, sugar and salt. It was pretty terrible since I burnt the shallots a bit with the oil.
Either way I felt happy, maybe because I expected it or I just simply added it to my "omg I guess I'm an adult now" list. It's all really frightening but exciting.

Hope you're doing well from wherever you are
watching Italian films and covering the english subtitles with a paper.
we have this nice chandelier that I like to stare at sometimes :-)

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