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07 November 2013

snacks on a plane

                                                                                 On my final evening in California Ruby made sure I hadn't gone without a visit to Trader Joe's (i.e. Trader Hoe's)!                                                                                                                                                                                                            We picked up fresh strawberries and things for a delicious scone filled breakfast that Mika (Ruby's soeur) was making, while I also took a few treats to snack on during my flight.                                                                                                                                                                           Although I'm one [of the few] who actually enjoys airplane food, some of the best (and maybe dangerous*) advice I've received has been to always take some of your own food on planes.                                                                                        Coincidently, I'm pretty sure the advice came from the Ruby herself!

After all the goodbyes and thanks I was back in LAX waiting to board. I have such love for airports, I think I might just stay there forever someday.   

A meeting point between one point and the next; filled with memories, and tear of joy or sadness.

xx Thank you again to all the LA people
who made this possible!

LA was the perfect start to my list of upcoming trips & I will be back very soon! 

*you might just happen to eat an ENTIRE pita chip bag in one sitting...(!!!)


  1. i love snacks, and planes, and snacks on a plane. we are friends already.


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