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27 December 2013

Caracas | part 1 |

My ragazzo & I lived in the same city for a year.
Since the day he parted we both day dream about the
next time we'll get to be together again.

After surprisingly no painful parent convincing  
we had a set date and flight, 27th of December I would be 
on my way back to South America for the second time this year -- however
for a very different reason. 

I was extremely anxious in the most wonderful way to greet a new year and meet a new family.
I felt all brave and what-not since, well I was on my way to one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world* !

All else aside, an exciting thought to be back in my boys arms.

(I unfortunately lost my photos from the first day)
But more photos from this magical place soon!

x fif

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