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03 November 2013

West coast dreams

               Since all of my closest friends are living out of the current state I'm in,
this halloween I decided to go chasing after Hanna, naturally.

We made the best out of the short time we had together
(as you might have seen on the quick "Purple Skies" vid)
but I'll be sharing more in detail here. 


A [not so] quick, bittersweet flight
through the skies and a late landing in LAX:

                 U R T H  C A F F É                                2327 Main St,
                  World Class Traditional Teas                          S a n t a  M o n i c a 
                   & Organic Herbal Blends

S A N T A  M O N I C A  P I E R  |  3rd S T R E E T  P R O M E N A D E
on a cold breezy day

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