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15 October 2013

to be said

Last month was a quick one and I meant to post about a nice little trip I took with my fam to Magic Kingdom. Thank god for the magic that remains in our memories and hearts, am I right?

Happy birthday baby Luca, I've been dying to buy you a fox so you can keep him by your side. I have had my eyes on him since before you were born. He has an extremely soft belly!

I missed making art tbh. Why do I let days stop me from doing so? I enjoy the secrecy of hiding away & preparing something for other to see, I promise not to distance myself any longer.

seriously though

xxyyxx is all I've been listening to lately.

My lungs have lately been filled with charcoal, graphite and pastels (this includes half of my wardrobe).

if its meant to be it'll happen, right?

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