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22 August 2013

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Hello dear eyes,                             been endeavouring in bittersweet goodbyes for some time now. I've even tried out a bit of doodling.
My mind has been obviously focused on departing, and creating, and packing, and coats! Coats!

An oversized one. Fluffy. Bit heavy.
One that will be part of my journey and experience my very first winter with me.
One that will last me years and become one of the possessions that I hang on my wall as an art piece but still use daily.
"I prefer to dream"

But getting back to the goodbye subject, my friend Ruby has finally fled fl !!!
I actually drove her & her family to the airport the day of and well we parted. Luckily, I got to keep her pup Charlie as a friend for a week!

but like I said (on something I made but forgot to hand to her of course): Goodbye for now.

Makes me happy to think that I have so many special people in corners all over this small planet of ours, but it also saddens me.


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