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16 May 2013

Small town, big dreams

Shot by James Whineray
the up-and-coming Perth photographer.
By Oyster Fashion
                     I'm such a sucker for minimalism. My dream last night included
speaking out loud...or so I was told. I've been trying to adapt once again to routine.
A routine that includes time management as well as proper time off for myself.

 I recently submitted my first application ever to an actual institute!
Make that an Art Institute of course!! All while simultaneously
filling out job applications and balancing a job, etc. We all do it,
and the more I listen the more I realize that we just have to really
focus on what makes us happy. Otherwise we might as well disappear into blobs of nothing.

(not that there is anything wrong with invisible blobs of nothing)
 It all just works out much nicer when I try to make it
through and think of all the wonderful outcomes.
Wonderful or not.

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