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02 May 2013

of space

May is here & so are Aprils showers (still).
No complaining in this department however.

My mind wants to murder myself for not getting all those things that I've been putting off.
Trying to goal myself this month though.... long lists sound ok?

Sew all those missing buttons on and ripped garments
Re-decor room for a more "clean summer feel"
Work on water color studies and portraits 
Picnic with beau
Ask for an effin raise
Paint my nails
Finish application
Consider trimming my hair after almost 5 years...
Take more photos
Burn many playlists for endless music
Don't let any moment go to waste

 Golden Thoughts wishing you all a lovely month! (Hopefully filled with flowers!)

fotos 1 & 2 source / foto 3: source / foto 4: source / foto 5: source 
foto 6: Anthropologie 2009 / foto 7: source / foto 8: no source

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