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22 January 2013

Nineteenth dream.

My brain hasn't grasped the fact that there is a new year.
That October, November, December and (now almost) January have flown away.

I'm pretty sure it was a level of depression that I hit after a sudden change of plans and it has simply taken me till this day to come out and notice it fully.

My empty answers lead me to falling deeper when I was questioned about my "current doings".
But skipping alllll that I want to take some time to acknowledge some actual current events 
which I feel have in a way....."brought me back":

My Hannita Ruby love has been gone for 3 days now.. I spent some nice chill days with her as you can see in the following: 
We even recorded a video together!

I had a teary yet great time making her a little bag which included a nice farewell card and a good luck charmed #2 bracelet from Anthro.

She did not leave without one final batch of scones, either!

She has gone off to Thailand and I am thrilled and wish I had gone as well.

Accompanying her to the airport was one of my epiphany moments where things started coming back. My memory for goals and time.

 Today was my birthday and well here I have a bundle of photos of different things from this day. I sadly wasn't able to enjoy it as I would've but with all the sweet
people who surround me and their kind words I managed to maintain a special feeling throughout the day. Adelchi didn't leave my side all day as he made sure nothing prevented me from happiness. 

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