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01 November 2012

November Treats

Spider lashes, sequins, cat liner, Prabal Gurung nails and black attire.
Halloween was such a dream this year, ironically.

We (hans, erika & gui) went to a mini amusement park "House of Horror".
The lovely lights never fail to enamor me. Of course there were horrifying moments but overall just filled with fun.
Sharing my boys first Halloween, it was magical to see him fall in love with the holiday
as well as all the crazy rides.

I'll be posting some photos later from this night...(and maybe I'll throw in a video or two).
To everyone who celebrates the fun of this scary holiday: Happy Halloween!

Halloween is always a perfect way to see October go, and welcome the oh so beautiful November!
So I leave with this video to welcome November which features the perfect voice of (one which once played through the screen of this blog)...Bon Iver!

Enjoy pumpkins.
Bisous, fifi!

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