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24 September 2012

chasing light

I'm currently giggling with my sweet boy. He asked me..."What is a Hipster?"

I never imagined that "language barriers" would actually come into play
so much in my life (then again...I did). It's one of my out
most favorite thing ever in the sense of making me
smirk because of silly mistakes or
wonderful accents.

In another sense,
I'm a language fanatic and language
barriers can also make me quite sad. You know,
always wishing you had that switch behind your ear and instantly be
fluent in any language. It can cause many doors to simply shut close, including
the one that describes your very own personality. But that's also just another language barrier.

I have been driving through town and....not so much town, lately.
Caused nightmares though :(

Everything becomes so sad and frustrating when important people in your life don't really show trust in you sometimes.

It's unfair.
I shouldn't let it get to me so badly though...wah

keep it locked,
fifi x

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