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14 August 2012

ラッキー (Lucky)

"It will take awhile to accomplish everything. Like a tree, takes time to grow.
Do not rush yourself and go by the order--go by the steps."

           Unlike the wind, time passes quickly through this hot weather here in Sofo.
It's not always easy to remind myself of all those dreams that I once 
held on to so strongly.

Don't get me wrong though, they all remain here up my sleeve. 

Exciting news! The Documentary for Japan is progressing wonderfully! 

Ruby and I are more than thrilled to be able to share this 
amazing trip that we still find hard to believe happened.

It's amazing to see how well planned out dreams come true. We started out with faint hope which slowly grew and now we face the happiness of seeing it all in our (perfect quality, if I may mention) annual summer video!

Be on the look out for it very soon.


photo: Zoo Mag 

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