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16 July 2012

Sea Wind

UntitledDigressing from Japan for a second, here is my welcoming post for July that I've been meaning to post.

I cannot believe we are already half way through July.
There is so much to do and July has already brought lots of joys to me as it is.

Currently in the process of getting a student visa, making a July Mixtape for

long car rides soon to come, remodeling my room which will only last me a month to take in.

I've been busy making baby blue cup cakes with pearls on top, as well as magical floating tissue pom poms that are on my homes first floor at the moment.

It's been pretty rainy here in the Soflo-- my Edward Cullen-like poncho is keeping me company.

Basically, bonjour July and to all the upcoming events that this endless summer holds.



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