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13 March 2012



March 2012 / Photography by Cass Bird
It's okay.

Being a bunny and lifting mugs to my lips all Spring break.
My bed sheets are twirled like spaghetti [with myself included].

It's probably a bad thing that I haven't really done much except for some french lessons and film watching
The idea that it's spring break here hasn't really sunk in just yet.

I can, however, tell you that I'm happy. I feel that this new part of my life will last and it fills me with joy to just think about it. It amazing how things can come out of the blue and suddenly you realize it happened 7 months ago.
Those are the kind of incidents I refuse to allow to disintegrate into the air, and I won't---

Currently:Dreaming [endlessly] about us. About France. About a lovely end of the year.
No matter what, I promise to do all of this with a positive outlook.
Join me if you may..

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