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08 September 2011

Tangible organization

by mirjan
merci mirjan

It's difficult to understand as to whether the days grow longer or not. 
The skies aren't lilac anymore, they are bright. My eyes ache from the brightness.
The time has come for another remodeling of my surroundings.
I've grown bored as many previous times. 
>>>keep an eye out for I will show soon.
*Dedicating the next 4 days for many wonderful doings. Lets see if it lasts. (or starts)

Ne t'oublier de moi,
"four winds blowing through her hair"
I want my bed again
let me run upstairs
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i think im getting this YSL shirt as one of my b-day presents but i think i want it in black instead of white, everything is much better in black.Covered in vines
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