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22 September 2010

Blowing Kisses

Still have a heavy load of work on my shoulders. Like I told my friend the other day,
"I may be productive but I don't feel it, It's because I don't see it."
I feel like I'm trying to live in the future but being pulled by the past, especially
because of all my AP summer work that I still have to work on.
And the health class online...talk about the taunt to my dreams!

So here is the plan in my head which I though I would share:
  • Get all Art work done by this Monday.
  • Finish all homework assigned on Friday done, (O N F R I D A Y)
  • Work on health online.
I apologize for making this post super "personal", but hey, I need a place to let it all go.
Things in my mind:
-the cold temps
Getting together with my girl band
Having a nice photo shoot one of these days
Taking it easy and just being myself
My hair evolutions
Being a part of something beautiful such as the Multicultural show in my school
My closest ami(e)s birthday soirées
Dancing my nights awayyy
far far away...

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