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27 September 2010


Lately all that my head has been consumed of
has been my bangs.
Even though I want to wait a tad bit longer...I am very close to
grabbing the scissors and doing it right now.
(via crescentkey)
Mondays splendid surprises:
- The mail, as always, consisting of a big yellow envelope with art post cards and
Montreal CD from the love of a friend: Andi.
- A sweet "It Girl" cover by NYLON (My final magazines so I am enjoying them...)
- No homework...after a years wait.
- Kicking off my weekend with a workout!
- My rooms (and houses) neatness and spotlessness with a touch of classical music playing 24/7 in my room

I hope everything is swell for you and your eyes.
Speaking of eyes...I have an oculists appointment this Wednesday! Wahoo!

Ps: I'm making a perfect French consisting CD for my schools French club fête NEXT Wednesday and I am very excited for some tasty crêpes with nice people.
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