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15 August 2010


Aujourd'hui (today),
Was quite a beautiful day. Woke up bright and early to go to a beautiful Sunday Mass then drove around and purchased a little something for my room decor. After a wardrobe change and an exquisite pizza and salad, I enjoyed a sweet and cold taste of ice cream.

And now I want to bring this to an old post from back in the day.
That was three month, or so, ago where I spoke about some lovely films
that I wished to watch. Tonight, I saw that very special film: Eat, Pray, Love.
Ever since that last time I watched the trailer, I knew that this movie would find a
cozy spot in my heart... and it did.
Like I said before: "this film is so 'me'!!" it brought back that great feeling I had when I was
in Italy (a year ago), and just showed me that my quench for culture and experience is very powerful.

I hope everyone reading avoids any movie critics opinion on
this film, because they obviously
lack some sense of the love of life.

My night came to a close after a quick purchase of popcorn and some music.

Sorry for the long post,
Merci for reading.


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