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29 August 2010

Eye Dependency

School is still a delicate subject in my head, so I won't bring it up.
However, I'm dealing with everything very nicely.
My main girl Ruby and I get to spend our artsy life in an art class together; I wouldn't be
happy without her in that class.

Organization is key when it comes to these crazy days here in FL.
I'm heading back to my healthy lifestyle that I always used to lead.
And a very beautiful highlight: my vocabulary truly is improving!
I find people questioning me about certain things I say.
Truly, I never thought it would happen.

I am in desperate need of a beautiful camera.
My baby Bold Blackberry is not adequate for the standards I possess.
Hopefully I will soon be able to really show my readers my life,
instead of jotting my thoughts down.

Till that day arrives...we'll continue depending on my words.

Merci, Fifi

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