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26 June 2010

Sequins & Curls "Summer Documentary" 2009 from Fifi Lapin on Vimeo.
On the 2009 Documentary:
This video means the world to both Ruby and I. As we share many things in common, traveling is one of our most favored. Our Documentary consists of songs we listened to that summer, places we visited and stayed at, and our return. After coming up with Sequins & Curls TV (now its own channel) we decided to make short video's of ourselves apart from each other in the places we travel to and joining our videos. Now knows as our Summer Documentary. Do to our first time making this, it took us quite a while to get it done. Everything has been done since last year however, we were working on perfecting the videos...etc. We hope you enjoy and continue to follow our progress!

Sneak peak:
For this year (on our 2010 Documentary) Ruby is flying to LA with her family, and Japan once again. While Fifi hops on over to New York City with her sister! Stay completely tuned!

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