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23 June 2010

Eccentric Elements

Today will be trop trop productif!
Cleansing, college things, healthy habits, word process, sewing...& kissing my Bichon!
Kissed Charlie (Ruby's puppy that I cared for) goodbye this morning.
He was a great friend who grew very loyal to me as I did to him!
His papa was happy to see him, so I was happy he was in good hands.

Aside from happiness,
I am very angry at Media Movie Maker at the moment because I have tried everything in my will power to publish the 2009 Documentary, but he is no cooperating at all!!
(any computer geek help out there?!)

My lovely girl should by resting her eyelids half way around the world in Japan!
here are some shots of Japan (credit to tumbla!)

I miss you hannita!
here is a nice little video for some fashion insight:

1st photo credit goes to Taylor

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