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13 June 2010

Como pasa el tiempo

My body is still aching since I literally gave it my all during my last nights MJM Dance Recital.
I will absolutely miss everyone especially Alejandra, my main reason.
Thanks to everyone who supported me, watched me, and cheered us on!
I can defiantly say that it was the best performance I have ever given. My joy after this was
unexplicable. I may have misapperhended myself a little for no reason!

At the moment, I am making $10 and sort of freaking out about everything I have to get done! (help)
I will be talking some more about upcoming dates but I have really been thinking about an idea for my blog over the past year, which would be to find a way to share my art sketch book with your eyes.
(Enabling: thoughts and ideas from you to me)

So I will try my best to get all that handled
till then,
Buona Sera.

PS: Congrats Ruby for finishing Health Class!! (you are my hero now)

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