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08 June 2010

Clair De Lune

If your recall from last year, on June 08, 2009, I was in Italy being shown around and loving my life to an extreme!
Well, I surely wish to go back; however, today was as lovely as can be!
I am now dressed in black tights with my leotard, my hair slightly up
and Brilliant red nails and lips.
I'm also listening to Anna by Taken by Trees through Andi's Skyping speakers.
(while she glues her fireflies down and takes snapshots of them/ I love her)

We have been planning a whole lots for New York and well here are some photos from this lovely blog that I found!

^ Bookshop and art gallery with a collection of rare and collectible books in art, literature, photography and design.

^" Prom dresses and other forgotten articles of clothing; NY antiques and junk traders under the comfort of a shelter"

^I just really want to take Ruby with me and buy her a pumpkin pie!

^"handcrafted pieces from Europe"? I'm in!

^"Breakfast selections. The blueberry pancakes here are so popular that they have crept into the evening menu. "

^ Dean & Deluca
The original SoHo location of the world-famous D&D

In other news, my lovely sister (the one from New York) is coming down this weekend! weeee!
Plus it's my papa's Bday on Thurday!

I leave you because I'm busy sketching a pencil!!!

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