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04 June 2010

As I sit here and think...

Today is my last full day in school. Meh, je suis tres heureux (correct my spelling s'il vous plais)
I captured the grand moment of my french fete for you guys!
(Picture will be uploaded later)
Another thing that is yearning inside of me is the
final filming for Ruby et Moi's Documentary (which I'm sure
You're sick of hearing about) However as I look out the window
At this very second...I see a crowd of grey clouds floating above
us here. (Crossing fingers for some nice documentary outcomes.

I'm really hoping that we manage to...hm...I don't know, get
some lookbook pictures (Ruby has promised me to be my photographer...
So let's see if that will every really happen)

Finallement, I wish I could post some nice summer craving pictures
For you guys at this very moment, but I am blogging from my telephone
for the very first time.

Daisuki, Fifi

Ps: New YORK I LOVE YOU! And have started making long lists
Of things to accomplish when I greet you! Including thing
Like this quote expresses: "Do go looking for boys in the park
For that is where the true gentlemen are."

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