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13 March 2010

Rainy days with wind

This is a picture of yesterdays weather.
It was a total beaut! I tend to enjoy myself in the rain. Fridays are so plesant for me.
Especially when I'm wearing what I love!
My lovely shoes with ankle socks!
And I did! (many talked behind my back) But some people seemed to dig it!
Went home to pack for a lovely weekend at papa bears!
And I made a video for you guys, enjoy: (sorry for the darkness, I recommend watching in the dark)

Art sketch book
French book
Floral scarf
Urban Outfitters Spring Catalog
some more scarves
My plum colored H&M sweater from Italy
hot glue gun
Thrifted Gypsy Shoes
My first ruffled shirt from back in the day
American Apparel Thermocramatic Shirt
My "used to be pants" shorts

~all placed in my favorite travel bag!~

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